Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conversation                       - Anna

I was cleaning up the backyard and I found one of your old guns.

Where was it?

Behind the shed. There was another under the house.

I found one I hid from you.

Why did you hide it?

I didn't want you boys playing with it.

Which one was it?

I don't know, it was a pistol. I put it in the linen cupboard.

Remember when you used to shoot each other with the rifle?

That was so much fun.

I've got some pellets at home, the rifle's still somewhere around.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paradise Island                       - Anna

Cherise was holding onto the champagne bottles while Toru, the pilot, landed their light aircraft in the sand. There was a runway strip, but the beach was closer to Cherise's house so they always landed on the sand.

They walked off the beach, through the palm trees, and onto the path where Johnno, Cherise's husband, was waiting.

"Thanks Toru," Cherise said, and suddenly thinking that he might prefer to live more akin to his old life, added, "You know, you can hunt for food if you like."

Toru was stumped. Why would he go hunting when Cherise and Johnno provided all the food he and his people needed? He stood there watching them as they walked off toward their residence. Maybe she wanted him to make a show for her. Prove that he can still catch wild animals. She might turn it into an attraction. Or maybe she would no longer require his services and his people would have no where to go? That must be it.

Cherise and Johnno turned around and saw Toru aim a bow and arrow at a native fowl. One shot was all he needed and it was dead.

Toru saw the white couple watching him in admiration. He raised his bow and arrow and pointed at them. He had a fierce look in his eyes.

"RUN!" Cherise cried, dropping the French champagne to the ground.

Cherise and Johnno ran as fast as they could in the direction of their house. Cherise looked behind her and saw Johnno crouched behind some construction work where they were preparing another guest house. Johnno raised his head to check the direction of Toru. Toru was quick to shoot and got him in the head.

Cherise ran and made it to the door of her large house. She saw Nussi, Toru's daughter, standing on a rock to her right, holding a spear by her side. Nussi did not move. Cherise turned around and Toru was only a metre away. He let her go inside. She was glad she was spared but now she had to figure out what to do next.

Cherise entered her house. As she started down the corridor, she felt a sharp spike against her back. Toru was pointing an arrow at her and motioned for her to go outside. Nussi would learn to spear and they would reclaim their island.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another one of the locals                     - Anna

He usually sits on a step
outside the factory
drinking something
wrapped in a brown paper bag.

He usually says Good Morning.
Once he offered me a cigarette.
He's alright.

Monday, February 23, 2009

keep movin', Rob!                     - Brad Evans

keep movin', Rob!
keep movin'

she ain't gonna get you!
she ain't gonna touch you!
just keep on movin'

what was that woman thinkin', Rob?
what WAS that woman thinkin'?

Three times your age man!

Keep away from that sofa!
Just keep away from it!

It was a place to nod your nut,
I understand, old boy
To rest your weary head,
So soft, wrinkly & plush

Like an old woman's breasts, Rob!
An old woman's breasts!

But we don't wanna go back there yet
so just keep on movin'!

What started all this, Rob?
What started all this?

She sat beside you and you were out!
And the sofa felt good, Rob,
After a hot day mowing grass
And all that beer
The sofa felt wobbly

Like an old woman's arse!

But we don't wanna go there, Rob!
We don't wanna go there!
Keep movin'

It was a Christmas gathering
All your fellow workers
Coming together
And you found that sofa
and felt safe with your head back and restful

Until a hand brushed your thigh, Rob,
A hand - brushed your thigh!
An accident no doubt, Rob
We'll pass on that one.

All that beer and sofa can't be given up easily, Rob
Not without a fight!
And the sofa felt good, Rob,
The sofa felt smooth
Like toothless gums over your knob

But we don't wanna go there, Rob!
We don't wanna go there!
Keep movin'

Look at you in all your youth
You're upright like a sprout
No place to close your bloodshot eyes
You miss that sofa already, don't you.

But there's bad memories there, Rob!
Bad memories.
You don't wanna go back just yet!
So keep movin'.

You listened to the chat and smiled at the jokes
You rested your eyes
With your head nodding off

Until a hand stroked your chest, Rob
A hand - stroked your chest!
An accident no doubt, Rob
Don't jump to conclusions
It will go away soon!

You've kept the sofa to yourself, Rob!
Kept it to yourself
And the sofa felt good, Rob
The sofa creaked
Like an old lover's bones

But we don't wanna go there, Rob!
We don't wanna go there!
Keep movin'

You felt that was it, Rob!
You felt that was it!

You'd found your sofa and the beer
You felt that you'd arrived
And you were resting very well

But what was that tongue doin' in ya mouth, Rob?
What was that tongue doin' in ya mouth?
An accident no doubt, Rob
An accident no doubt!

It's time to rise my restful peach
And just keep on movin'.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

That's OK                       - Anna

Sometimes I can't be arsed going somewhere exotic
Somewhere different
Somewhere nice.
But that's OK.

The old drunk is still drinking under the bridge
The sun is still shining
And that's OK.